A look at the wonderful world of marinated chicken and the wonderfully diverse recipes and taste you can make with it.

1st March 2012


How to Make Easy Mouth-watering Fried Chicken Marinade

Homemade OvenFried Chicken Marinade

Fried chicken recipes are all-time favorites, especially to the kids and during special occasions. In addition, we all know that the secret to a crunchy and best-tasting fried chicken is the fried chicken marinade itself. So in this article, let us discuss all about the magic that lies underneath this very delectable dish.

How to Make a Delicious Fried Chicken Marinade

My mother-in-law makes the best-tasting Filipino style fried chicken marinade, which only consists of eggs, calamansi (a citrus fruit and the breading itself mixed altogether. Recently, I have made my own version and it tastes better than that of my mother-in-law’s so let me share this recipe on how to make another best-tasting fried chicken marinade.

First, gather these ingredients:

  • 2 cups low-fat buttermilk
  • 1 teaspoon hot sauce
  • 2-3 pounds chicken legs (skin removed and cut into drumsticks)
  • 3 cloves garlic

After all these ingredients have been prepared, you are now ready to make the fried chicken marinade. First off, whisk buttermilk, mustard, garlic, and hot sauce in a bowl with a size just right enough to hold all the chicken and the marinade. Mix well until all the chicken drumsticks has been covered. After covering, set aside and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or can even be for as long as 8 hours. Doing so will make the flavor sink in more thoroughly, hence making the chicken meat tastier. 


If you don’t have the liquid buttermilk, you could also use the buttermilk in powdered form. Just follow the package directions carefully. 

After the marinade has been set, it is now ready to cook. I suggest that you oven-fry your chicken so that it will be healthier and crunchier. Just mix flour, 2 tablespoon of sesame seeds, paprika, thyme, baking powder in a small bowl and then put a dash of salty and pepper to taste. This will be coat for the chicken before putting to the oven. Place it in a large and durable plastic bag (you can also use the resealable type). This will create less mess, which is better. In addition to that advantage is that it will allow the pores of the chicken to absorb more marinades. 

Next, put a piece of chicken or two and shake them until they are fully coated. Place them in the rack and coat the rest of the chicken pieces. Before baking, place a thin foil on the baking sheet. Bake for around 40-50 minutes or until the chicken is golden brown in color. 


Do not overcrowd your pan so that all pieces will be cooked in proportion. Use melted shortening for coating instead of cooking oil, just be sure that it is at the right temperature before adding the chicken pieces. Should be hot, all right, but not too much. Temperature of around 355 -360 degrees Fahrenheit is just about right. Low temperature will only make your chicken to be greasy, and we don’t want to serve that to our family.

Aside from fried chicken marinade, you may also consider to try making rotisserie chicken marinade which will surely be a hit to your family as well.